EF #27 – Do Not Litter, Please!

Look at these pictures I got from Thinking Humanity:

When I saw these pictures, I feel sad. Why is the people so easy to throw the rubbish anywhere and do not think about other living things?
On the street, there are so many people throw the rubbish on the road. When they are in the car, on motorcycle, or when they are walking on the street, they throw the rubbish to the road. Not only in the street, in office, park, mal, or school, too. And look at what people have done after party or concert. Rubbish is everywhere!


I put this picture on the wall in my office area because I saw people throw their rubbish not in the dustbin. But, there are still some people act like they don’t care. They put the unused bottles, tissue, and plastic bags on the floor, table, or chair. They did it not because they cannot read, but they didn’t care about the environment! They doesn’t want to keep clean! They think it’s not their job to keep clean.

Now look at this picture. I got this picture from one of Facebook Fan Page: Laughing Colours.

Are you educated enough? What is your level? It is so sad to know that educated people throw the rubbish anywhere they want. It is so sad knowing some teacher -who are the one that taught us not to litter- littering the rubbish. So ashamed!

I will never throw the rubbish anywhere because I don’t like to see something unclean. I like to see my place clean and tidy. I think it is healthier when we live or stay in a clean and tidy place. If I can keep my place tidy, it is easier to find my stuff.

When I have rubbish in my hand and I don’t see rubbish bin, I’ll keep it in my pocket or bag and I’ll throw it until I found the rubbish bin. I don’t care if someone says it’s so stupid to carry the waste in your pocket or bag. And I think people who throw the rubbish anywhere is more stupid. They didn’t think about the future, the effect of their action. You can see the picture in the link above. It so ashamed if you still do that.

Do not litter. Keep the environment clean and tidy. It’s a good habit. If people around you doesn’t want to do it, at least start with yourself. It can change your life. Your place will look good and clean. And if every people can do it, we can keep our world clean and healthier.

* * *

In response to English Friday Challenge, EF#27: Simple Habit That Changes Your Life


13 thoughts on “EF #27 – Do Not Litter, Please!

  1. It’s so sad seeing those pictures. How uneducated they are! I think we should spread this word everywhere so little by little people could reduce their habit in littering :)). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel the same Grant about this problem. Many just: “not my problem” but when the flood coming, it is government problem.

    For those who threw garbage from their car, come on people, you can buy a car but you can’t buy a trash can for your car? Hmmm… Sometime I wish I can throw things back into their car.

    1. *Imagining how Ryan throw back the garbage into their car.*
      Well, I wish garbage ghost will come to them who litter, that ghost will haunt them until they change their habit. 😀

  3. I always wonder..it seems that there are many people who have same thoughts about this (including me, you, all who commented above and more people).. but maybe the number of people who do not think about this as bigger 😦
    I hope more and more people can realize that each has responsibility to keep our environment clean

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