EF#24 : Banana Split Abal-abal

Do you like ice cream? Do you like banana? Do you like bread? If you like it, you must try this recipe. It is easy to make it. I called it Banana Split Abal-abal because it is not Banana Split just like in restaurant or cafe. I make it in my own way. You can also add something in this recipe.

banana split ala gue

2 bananas
5 spoon chocolate ice cream
2 slices bread
1 cherry

How to make:
1. Cut the bananas in a round shape.
2. Rip the bread.
3. Mix it with ice cream.
4. Put the cherry on the top.

You can add more ice cream if you want. If you like chocolate sauce or cheese you can add it too. It taste delicious. So yummy!! 1000% guarantee. 😀

* * *

This post is submitted to English Friday Weekly Challenge: Your Ramadhan Killer Recipe.

* * *

#NulisRandom2015 #day26


8 thoughts on “EF#24 : Banana Split Abal-abal

  1. It is amazingly simple, Mbak :hehe. Can’t believe that we could make the banana split so easy :haha. It looks delicious, too.

  2. uwoow…I like banana, ice cream and bread but I haven’t taste banana split yet. your recipe could be my first try. btw, what kind of bread should we use?

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