EF #16 : The Legend of Pulau Kemarau

Image Source: http://www.gadis.co.id/gaul/try.it/lihat.pagoda.di.pulau.kemaro/001/008/407
Image Source: http://www.gadis.co.id/gaul/try.it/lihat.pagoda.di.pulau.kemaro/001/008/407

Long time ago, there was a merchant from China who came to Palembang. His name was Tan Bun An. After a few days in Palembang, he met a beautiful girl, Siti Fatimah. She was a local people. The friendship between Tan Bun An and Siti Fatimah grew. They fell in love and decided to get married.

Tan Bun An came back to his country to tell his family about his plan to get married with Siti Fatimah. Finally, he and Siti Fatimah got married.

After the wedding party, Tan Bun An wanted to take Siti Fatimah to his hometown, China, to introduce her to his family. The king and the queen, Siti Fatimah’s parents, had doubts about it. The were afraid their daughter would get trouble on the way to China because they have to sail on the ocean. But, Tan Bun An promised them to take care of his wife. He said that he will bring back Siti Fatimah to Palembang after 6 months. The king and the queen agreed and let them sailed to China.

Six months later in China, Tan Bun An told his parents that he had to keep his promise to his father and mother in law. He wanted to take Siti Fatimah back to Palembang. His parents said that it was okay. They let them go back to Palembang. They even brought him so much gold and told Tan Bun An to give it to Siti Fatimah’s parents.

After a few days, the armada that brought Tan Bun An and his wife arrived at Sungai Musi. Before they came to Siti Fatimah’s house, Tan Bun An told his guards to show him the gold that was put in the wood boxes. His guard opened the boxes. How shocked Tan Bun An when he saw the things in the box. There were vegetables in it. He was very angry and threw the boxes into the river. When the boxes fell into the water, he saw there were gold that also fell into the water with the vegetables.

Evidently his parents put vegetables on the gold to cover it from the pirates on the ocean. Feeling sorry, Tan Bun An jumped into the water to take the gold. After that, Siti Fatimah also jumped into the water to help her husband. But, the couple didn’t came back. Then, the ship crew jumped into the water. But, they’re all never came back. People said that Tan Bun An, Siti Fatimah, their crew, and the ship were drown to the river. The ship became an island that now known as Pulau Kemarau.

Now, every year, especially on the date of 15, first month on Lunar Calendar, in Cap Go Me (15 days after Chinese New Year), people will go to Pulau Kemarau. Not only people from Palembang, but also people from other city come to Pulau Kemarau to pray. They pray for health, long life, and prosperity. In that small island, there are graves for Tan Bun An, Siti Fatimah, and their crew. There are also Klenteng and beautiful Pagoda built on that island.

The Cap Go Me festival is usually held on the 13, 14, 15 days after Chinese New Year. People can go there by Tongkang (a small ship) or walking on a bridge that is built just for that festival. There will be Bazaar and Barongsai on that festival.

From the story above about The Legend of Pulau Kemarau, I got this points:

1. If we say a promise, we have to keep it. So, people will trust us. Don’t just say it without proving it because it will make people don’t want to trust us anymore.

2. True love is not about religion, tribe, country, if you fall in love with someone, you just fall no mater what. Just like Tan Bun An from China and Siti Fatimah from Palembang.

3. Don’t easily get angry for something you don’t really know what the fact is. You have to check the truth. You have to ask ‘why’. Don’t make a decision when you’re angry or you’ll regret it. In the story, Tan Bun An didn’t check what was inside the box and easily got angry. He threw the boxes and then regreted it.

* * *

This post is submitted to BEC Challenge for this week: Values from a Tale . Note: Instead of posting an article about my favourite tale, I prefer to introduce you the story from my hometown. I hope you’re all enjoy reading that story. πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “EF #16 : The Legend of Pulau Kemarau

  1. I ever visited the island and read the story. But I already forget about the story, your post recall my memory. The island is very beautiful because it’s pagoda πŸ˜€

  2. What a tragic ending, Kak Grant. Indeed, we have to fulfill our promise and be patient. Thanks for sharing this story πŸ™‚

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