EF #12 : Transportation In My Life

Hello guys, meet me again in English Friday Post. The topic for this week is about ‘transportation.’

Well, let’s not talking about what transportation I usually use to go to work. I don’t want to share only about how to go to work and back from work. Because when I think about it, it feels like “It hurt me here” or “Sakitnya tuh di sini.” Hahaha. No. I’m just kidding. I’m going crazy because tonight there’s no electricity from 5.30 p.m. And, my phone battery is about to die. (Apa bahasa Inggrisnya ada gardu terbakar?) People in Palembang living in the darkness tonight. Palembangnese said, “Mati lampu sePalembang anget!” Oops, out of topic! Sorry… πŸ˜€

Okay, back to the topic: Transportation. Let’s talk about how I go to somewhere and what kind of transportation or public transportation in town I usually use beside private transportation.

1. Walking.
I love walking. Near or far, as long as I want to go there by walking, I’ll walk. And I don’t care I’ll get sweat or tired. I go to the traditional market from my house by walking. It’s about 100 metres from my house. From my office to photocopy shop or to other place -it’s about 300 metres – I choose to walk. My friend always say, “Why don’t you ask me to ride you the that place?” Or, “you can ride my motorcycle.” At the other time, they said, “I’ll drive you to that place so you’ll not get tired.” I’ll take the chance to go with them only if I feel lazy to walk. I always think: “Why I have to go by motorcycle or car when I can go by walking?”

2. Ojek
I’ll choose this transportation when I’m in hurry to go to some place. Or, when I have too many things to bring in my hand. And, for some condition that push me to go by ojek. The costs is depend on how far the destination. If I go to office or go home from office, it cost Rp.10.000. From traditional market to my house, it cost Rp.5.000.

3. Becak
I usually choose this transportation when I want to go to the nearest mall from my office. It costs Rp.10.000 from my office to the mall.

The grey cars is oplet

4. Oplet and Bus
Oplet is a car, in other city it called angkot (angkutan kota). In Palembang, there’s a unique way to recognise what oplet or bus you should choose to go to somewhere: different area different colour. For example, if you want to go to Sekip area, you have to choose yellow oplet. There are so many colour for oplet: red, yellow, blue, green, gray, light yellow+green, and brown. The same way with the bus. If you want to go to Bukit you have to choose the blue bus. The colour of the bus are red, yellow, blue, white with green stripes, and light yellow. The oplet and the bus can stop anywhere on the way of its route. There’s no terminal for it. It costs Rp.4.000.

5. Trans Musi
This big bus is just like Busway in Jakarta. It has special terminals. There’s AC in it. The seats is more comfortable. And it’s safer than the bus I talked above. No pengamen in it because the conductor doesn’t allow them to go inside the bus. The price, of course, more expensive than the usual bus. It costs Rp.5.500.

6. Taxi
I seldom choose this kind of transportation. It’s because of the price. Once in my life, I ever took this transportation to go home. I walked about 400 metres to the taxi pool from my office. And then when the argometer reached the number Rp.20.000, I said stop to the driver. Then I walked to my house. Hahaha. At that time, I choose taxi, because I want to know how it feel to sit in taxi. Blue Bird Taxi is a new kind of transportation at that time. Just want to try it! πŸ˜€

Okay, that’s my post about transportation. Would you mind to tell me about your means transportation, friends?

Finally, I can finish the challenge. Yeay!! \(^0^)/

Hope you are all enjoy reading this post.
Have a beautiful weekend, friends!


22 thoughts on “EF #12 : Transportation In My Life

  1. Ah it’s been so long I don’t see becak, I’ve just noticed it by the way πŸ™‚ I like becak, too, it’s windy and slowly but I find it the driver’s poor since it must be exhausting 😦

  2. I’m here to say: it is okay, but I’m not speaking on behalf other admins. Hahaha. You can read mine also like yours.

    TransMusi. I thought it is a river taxi.

      1. I see. Well, I thought you were going to wrote about them because Palembang is quite famous for its river right? I forgot the name of the river though.

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