EF #9 : Meet Up

Bundaran Air Mancur, Palembang

What is meet up? Although I’ve read some articles about it from my friends in BEC’s group, I still have no idea about it. I never meet any blogger friends in a real life. I can’t imagine what would the meet up be, where the meet up take place, and whom I will meet.

I’m not a very busy person, but there must be something to do. My friend gave me advice because recently I always have something to do when she ask me to go. “Let’s not plan it! If we want to go, just make a phone call then go. No need to plan it a few days before it.” So, I don’t want to plan anything about blogger meet up. I don’t want to promise to anyone about any meet up. Maybe… Just let it flow like a river. πŸ˜€


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10 thoughts on “EF #9 : Meet Up

  1. Grant, so you are in Palembnag, no wonder it seems I know the fountain
    I spent my highschool years there
    just take it easy someday when you are ready it just happen

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