EF #7: The Asoka Tree


Hi all, let me introduce you to one of my beautiful plants in the garden beside my house. This plant is Asoka Tree. It is about 150 cm height and has red flowers. It flowers are small and grew in groups.

According to Wikipedia, this tree often associated as love and purity. Hinduism considered this tree as a holy tree. This plants usually use as decorative plants. The color of the flowers of this plant are varied. There are red, yellow, pink, white and orange. European called this plants Flame of the Wood because it color is so bright just like the flame of fire.  http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asoka_(pohon) )

I took this photo on Tuesday, February 10, 2015. I think this tree is unique because it can grow in a very small land next to the stone wall beside my house. When I was a child I like to play with this plant. I usually took it flowers and made it into a necklace or bracelet using a string. Sometimes, I and my brother or cousins sucked its honey. It taste sweet. This beautiful plant reminds me to my grandmother who has passed away when I was in Elementary School. My grandma gave this plant to my Mom and my Mom planted it in the garden.

Okay, that’s my beautiful plant. Do you have beautiful plant on your garden, friends?


This post is submitted to English Friday Challenge : Snap and Tell A Story.


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