EF #4 : The Smart Car

If you have a chance to grab one tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket, what would you take?

Yup! That is the theme for English Friday this week. Now, let me introduce you the tool I will choose from Doraemon’s magic pocket. Here we go! *actually, it’s not a tool, because it’s a big thing.


“Dora, I want to travel to some beautiful place, such as Bali, Bunaken, Borobudur, and so on. Lend me something, please…..”

“I have The Magic Door. You can go everywhere you want to go.”

“It sounds amazing, but I can’t enjoy the scenery during the trip to go there.”

“Okay. I will allow you to go inside my pocket and choose something. But only one of them!”

“Ah, you’re so kind, Dora! Thank you!”

A few minutes later…

“Tadaaaa!! I choose The Smart Car!”


“Wow! Why do you choose that car?”

“Because this is The Smart Car! I don’t have to drive it manually. Just enter the name of the place you want to visit to the computer inside it then it will take you there automatically. You can also set up the car speed. Do you want to go as fast as possible? It can do it for you. But, you can still enjoy the trip. Inside it, there are comfort seats, home theatre, mini cafe, fridge, mini library and anything you need for your trip to prevent you from feeling bored.”

“It’s a great idea to choose that car!”

“Yes, of course. Hey, we can use this car to go to other planets and to the ocean, too! It can transform to be a rocket and a submarine. It must be great if I can see other living things on the other planets and in the ocean.”

“All right! Then I’ll go with you!”

“Okay. I’ll count you in!”

“So, where will we go?”

“Hmmm… Let’s go to MARS*!!”


Well, that’s the thing I choose from Doraemon’s magic pocket. Anyone want to join me travelling to MARS? Registration open till January 31, 2015. No need to pay anything. It’s free. Just come to my dream and we will go together. Hehehe. Just kidding! πŸ˜€

Guys, now is your turn to tell me what will you choose from Doraemon’s magic pocket.

*MARS = Mimpi Aje Rapopo Seeh…


20 thoughts on “EF #4 : The Smart Car

  1. I will have one. That car.. Ooh Grant.. Wish that the car already sold commercially. Errr. Guess that I won’t be able to pay the price though.. Thanks for joining Grant!

  2. Why is it that I think a lot of people want to escape their current state? (including me, LOL) Your car is a variation of the anywhere door Gant and I’ve read plenty on it. I wish it can really come true. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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