EF #3 : How Gadget Affect My Life

English Friday theme for this week is How Gadget Affect Your Life.

Office Hour (Hectic Day)

Phone: “Come on, Beib, let’s check your BBM, FB, Twitter, WordPress, and the other.”

Me: “Sorry, I’m busy.”

Computer: “Forget him! You have to work with me.”

Me: “Okay. I must work with you now, friend!” *put the phone in the drawer. “Bye, Beib! I’ll go with the computer.”

Phone: “Oh, noooooo!!! Don’t leave me, please!”

*ting! A message goes to my phone.

Phone: “Open the drawer! Open the drawer! You have to check it now! It is important message!”

Me: “Be quiet, please! I’m busy!”

Office Hour (Everything’s finish/ not really busy)

Me: “Oh, God! Why is it so quiet? No phone call. No customer. I already finish all the tasks. What should I do now?”

Phone: “Well, I’m here for you. Let’s check out the update status on your BBM. Then, we can check the other social media accounts.”

Me: “Let’s go! But, only a few minutes. I’m afraid someone will think I’m lazy.”

Computer: “Hey! Hey! What about me? I think you have something to do with me. What about your paper? What about a letter you should type?”

Me: “I’m done with you.”

Waiting for Something or Someone (somewhere but not in my house)

Me: “Why does it take a long time to come? I feel bored.”

Phone: “Hey, you have me. I’ll entertain you.”

Me: “Oh, yes. You’re right!”

*play with the phone till it ran out battery

Nothing to do (at home)

Phone: “Play with me!”

Laptop: “No! With me, please!”

Phone: “I’m the best! I am always accompany you wherever you go. You should be with me!”

Laptop: “But he always ran out battery. While with me, you can plug in the cable to the electricity. You can play games or just browsing without worrying about the battery.”

Me: “Okay! I choose you, Lappie!”

*turn on the laptop. Connect to the internet.

*Suddenly, the ‘Fail to connect to the internet. Redial?’ text appear.

Me: “Arrggghh!! I hate this!”

*turn off the laptop

Laptop: “Wait! You still can play games without internet connection!”

Me: “Forget it!”

Phone: “Hahahaha! See? Now, I’m the only one you have. Come to mama, Beib!”

Laptop: “Look at me! I am more interesting than him!”

Phone: “What?? I am her only one!”

Me: “Ssshhh! Shut up! Let me think what I should do now.”

Laptop: “Of course you must come to me.”

Phone: “Don’t listen to that devil! You must choose me!”

Me: “Well… I have decided it. Sorry guys, I still have TV and DVDs. I’ll watch movie and eat snacks!”

Phone and Laptop: “Oooh no… 😦 ” *feel dissapointed

* * *

Honestly, gadgets really affects my life. I need it to work. I need phone to call and to send message to my families, friends, and clients. Sometimes, they are also can reduce stress. But, life is not always about touching it all the time. I have families, friends, and so many things to do. Having gadgets is a must, but sticking to it all the time is a big no.

What about you, friends? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “EF #3 : How Gadget Affect My Life

  1. Gant, your writing style is refreshing. I guess TVs and Dvds are nicer because we can still watch in together with other people and talk about the show afterwards. Good thinking!

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