Fanatics vs. Fanatics: There will be No Peace

All of the religion in this world is good. All of the religion teaches us to be kind to others. If there is a religion who teaches ungodly, it’s not a religion. It’s a deviate religion. There is no bad religion in this world. What is the bad is the person. Ironically, some of them use their religion to destroy others or other religion. They use their religion to take the profit for themselves.

Sometimes a group of people claim that their religion is the best and say that others are not good. Sometimes they force others to follow their religion. Even they give promises so that others want to follow them. Do you know that wars occurred in some place in this world just because religion?

We may say that our religion is the best. But we should not say others is not good and force them to follow ours. We may teach the goodness to others. But we should not link it to the religion.

Religion is related to belief. If someone has convinced about their religion, then let them walk that way. In this case, if someone has chosen their religion, they must convince about their religion sincerity. If they’re not sure about their own religion, so others may influence them to change their religion.

If our friend has no religion we may show the way or give good advice to them. Of course we should not force them to follow our religion. Just give advice! People choose to follow the religion from the heart. If they take the religion not from the heart, so it won’t work. It will make them feel suffer, bother their mind and get them stressed.

The fire will not flame if there is no matches. And so wars will not occur if there is no force of others. So, let’s live in harmony. Let’s live in peace!!


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