Keep Silent, Please!

One day a teacher entered a classroom in Junior High School. The class was very noisy. Then, the teacher has an idea. She said to the class: “Keep silent, please! Or I’ll give you E on your report book!” Finally, the class became quiet. They were all keep silent. Then the teacher started to teach.


In the end of the lesson, the teacher asked some questions to the students. But, no one raised hand to answer the questions. “Did you understand the lesson we’ve learnt today?” asked the teacher. The class still silent. “Can anyone answer the question?” said the teacher again. No one answered her.


Suddenly, a student raised his hand timidly. He said, “You’ve told us to keep silent. If we didn’t do it, you’ll give us E on our report book. So, no one wants to answer.”


That’s one of my memories when I was a teacher in Junior High School..


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